Sascha Timme

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I'm a mathematician turned software engineer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. My expertise lies in full stack development using Typescript, React, and PostgreSQL. Currently, I serve as the Head of Engineering at Elara, where I lead the development of modern and intuitive maintenance software.

My Ph.D. in mathematics from TU Berlin focused on Numerical Nonlinear Algebra - the intersection of Numerical Analysis and Algebraic Geometry. My proudest accomplishment in this field is developing HomotopyContinuation.jl, a Julia package designed to solve systems of polynomial equations using numerical homotopy continuation methods. Together with my collaborator Paul Breiding, we're dedicated to making complex mathematics more accessible to everyone.

Before pursuing my Ph.D., I contributed to the development of the Math 42 app, which provided step-by-step solutions for math problems and amassed over 2 million users. My work on the app included developing the user interface and graphing calculator features.

If you'd like to learn more about my professional background, areas of expertise, or current projects, please feel free to explore my website.

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